Tony Cordes EP

by Tony Cordes




This creatively named EP features my first delvings into doom metal, starting with the bitter, soul-crushing, seven-stringed "Barrow Downs." It takes the tempo up slightly with the harder-hitting "Gem of Immortality," before finding the light in the stately, subdued gallop of "Lawful Good." It then finishes with the up-tempo anthem of Getting Over It, "Rise Above."


released March 22, 2015

Songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Tony Cordes, except for "Barrow Downs," which features a passage from Lord of the Rings, Book 1, by J. R. R. Tolkien.



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Tony Cordes Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Welcome to my domain! Herein shalt thou find great peril!

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Track Name: The Barrow Downs
I am the darkness:
I curse the light
For depriving me of its radiance.
I feel so cold:
Damned be the warmth
I shall never feel again!

"Cold be hand, and heart and bone,
And cold be sleep under stone.
Never more to wake on stony bed--
Never, till sun falls and the moon is dead.
In the black wind, the stars shall die;
And still on gold, here let them lie
Till the Dark Lord lifts his hand
Over dead sea and withered land."
-J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

A sickly light glows in this fell cave.
This stupor I feel beckons me towards the grave.
My friends lie beside me, embalmed and in state,
And I hear bitter shades damning us to their fate.
A crawling hand, bereft of its body,
Belonging to a king erased from Time's memory,
I smite, as it draws near, summoning my courage;
Rememb'ring my voice, I cry for the eldest.
Track Name: The Gem of Immortality
You never understood
Always criticizing
And patronizing
You spoke as though you knew
What behind my eyes
I was devising

My birthright you hold in trust for me
And I've waited for it, father- patiently!
Still you withhold it, to my misery
You say I need more patience and responsibility

You say it's mine, if for better ways I strive
I say you're mocking me
It never will be
Long as you're alive

Now that I've shed your blood
With glist'ning eyes
I claim my prize
The glimmer of this jewel
Is mesmerizing
It prophesies
Indisputable supremacy
None will ever dare to question me
With the power in this gem I see
I lay claim to immortality
Track Name: Lawful Good
I am a paladin
My heart is pure
My mind is swift
And my blade sharp and sure
I'm on a holy quest
And when it's done
My swift mind will devise a new one

I crave for justice
And order and peace
When I'm done fighting
The violence will cease
Is my blade bloodied
By good blood? Oh, no!
The blood by which it's bloodied
Is blood cruel, and cold
For I'm a paladin...

My foes crave pardon
No! that is a lie.
They crave private places
And crave not to die
Such men are devious
Faithless and shy, they
Look at your parts of naught
And look not in your eye
But I'm a paladin...

My mount craves pasture
And wide, open fields
But he craves most to bear me
When my lance I wield
He is a good steed, with
A heart solid gold
For aiding my perils
He'll never grow old
For I'm a paladin...
Track Name: Rise Above
Sometimes I get confused about
The way my life's been led
I can't tell if I'm up or down
When feeling so on-edge
Sometimes my mind's a prison where
All I can do is think
And wonder which is reason and
Which is insanity

When does it end?
When can I be myself, again?
When can I regain control
And pull myself from this black hole?

Rise above!
No more wasted time
Rise above!
I need to clear my mind
Rise above!
And leave it all behind
The doubt and the confusion
Rise above!

I know there are solutions buried
Somewhere in my mind
So I dig through all the lies to find
A place where I'm not blind
Tearing down dead ends that I
Created years ago
I've resolved to leave behind
The wind I chased before

Here's where it ends
Misery is not my friend
I'm not going to take it
Think it's high time I forsake it

Rise above...